Neoteric Software exists to create an atmosphere that allows technology to be an asset for business, not a problem. We strive to create affordable products that integrate seamlessly with client business to allow for smoother growth in partnerships and revenue.


Helix Money is a tool for the private money industry. This software allows private money lenders, borrowers, funding sources, investors, brokers and more to collaborate and make transactions happen in the smoothest most efficient way possible. Origination, processing, servicing, tracking, compliance, creating loan documents, generating pay offs, delivering 1098s, and more are all automated and executed with a few simple clicks of a button. From cradle to grave the private loan process is made easier and customized. Helix Money makes private loans happen with unprecedented efficiency and speed.

Interface Agent is software for Mortgage Professionals and Realtors. It is the easiest most cost effective transaction management tool on the market. It is a desktop web application that integrates with a mobile app.


For Mortgage Professionals it will track clients from initial contact all the way through loan closing. With one look you can see where all customers are at, and what needs to be done next to move them along the pipeline. From there the mortgage professional can give access to certain clients to Realtor partners. This way, through a mobile application or desktop internet browser, a Realtor can have a behind the scenes look to see exactly where all their transaction are as it pertains to the loan process. Mortgage Professionals are organized like never before and Realtors are kept in the loop and empowered by their Mortgage Professional partner.

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